Welcome to Ingå
– a happy place, rich in nature and history


Only half an hour from the capital region you will find our jaw-droppingly beautiful municipality of Ingå. Here we live surrounded by rolling fields, green forests and the shimmering sea with its vast archipelago that beckons one to jump into a boat and start exploring.

Welcome to the hidden pearl of the south coast of Finland!

Ingå, or Inkoo in Finnish, is an active bilingual municipality with about 6 000 inhabitants and a Swedish speaking majority. We are placed right between Hanko and Helsinki, and the distance to the capital is 60 kilometers.

The soil here is rich in history. Did you know, that the first Finnish potato ever was grown in our very own village of Fagervik? Or that, according to legend, fierce vikings made an attempt to plunder the coastal village of Hirdal, but was driven away by local sorcerers?

The past is always present in Ingå, with our majestic stone church, dated back to the 13th century, rising in the middle of the village. Nevertheless, we are always eagerly looking towards the future.

We have worked hard to build an infrastructure that makes it easy to both live, work and start companies here. Even though the economic climate in the rest of the world has been tough these past years, Ingå has been able to produce green numbers at the end of the year.

Our secret?

One hint may lie in our slogan “Glad i Ingå – Iloinen Inkoo”, loosely translated to ”Happy in Ingå”.

We’re just cheerful people, working hard for the place we love. With small measures, like sunflowers sown along the roads and charming sheep grazing near the harbor, the municipality have improved the quality of life for both the inhabitants of Inkoo and our ever welcome tourists.

Do you want to know more about us?

Contact our press officer Benjamin Lundin, benjamin.lundin(at)inga.fi, 050 570 9997.

Viimeksi muokattu: 22.2.2017